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Growth & Development

Our culture drives growth through collaborative development and mentorship.

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Through Growth

Cheme fosters an environment that encourages meeting challenges head-on and overcoming obstacles to unlock the potential of each team member. At Cheme, you will grow and develop as a person and as a professional. In a few short years, you’ll transform into a more dynamic engineer and critical thinker.

Embracing Dynamic Change

Our company has grown exponentially over the last 15 years. It’s a priority for us to help you navigate a career path that aligns your goals with company objectives and we provide a number of programs and opportunities to help fuel your growth.

Mentor Program
Cheme’s mentor program provides a forum for discussion on career goals, challenges, and growth opportunities. You will be paired with a senior team member who will be both a resource and an advocate, to help you gain career direction and set an action plan.
Training & Development
Cheme has a robust training and development program that helps you gain a wide breadth of knowledge in various fields and helps you become a subject matter expert (SME) in your chosen area. Cheme SMEs are industry leaders in their field.
Cheme Academy
Cheme is now embarking on the launch of Cheme Academy, the next evolutionary step in our talent development program. Cheme Academy is a framework for personal development and a platform to deliver training content to help you grow in your career.


Chris Defina

Regional East Studio Head, Principal

My professional passions have always been business, technology and construction, while also possessing an entrepreneurial spirit. Being able to build and foster relationships with our clients, partners and staff within my preferred industries is immensely gratifying, which made joining Cheme an ideal choice.

Karen Yuen

Project Management Leader, Senior Project Manager

Cheme is not just another engineering company. I am impressed with Cheme’s approach to team management – the Cheme matrix organization allows flexibility to engage disciplines easily without having to manage around silos.

Kevin Kloet

Senior Engineer

What I love about working at Cheme is the commitment to the employees and their professional development. This allows me to not only keep learning and developing in my own role but to also adopt a leadership role in mentoring my younger colleagues and assist them in succeeding in their roles while working towards their longer term career goals.

Lucy Wu

Director of Operations

Cheme’s culture is one of community and collaboration, and its focus on talent development is outstanding.
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Join Forces with Cheme Engineering

If you’re the right fit for our growth-minded environment, reach out to our hiring team.