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Cheme provides best-in-class solutions to the biotech, pharmaceutical, nuclear, food and beverage, science + technology, botanicals and natural health care industries. The products and services produced in these facilities are an important part of our everyday life. From keeping the lights on to providing the food we love, industry leaders rely on us to push technological boundaries while upholding strict standards and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends.

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We have a wide range of cross-industry experience, which allows our experts to collaborate on the complex challenges at hand. We are constantly working to build our knowledge of the latest trends in industry-specific engineering process design, which means your company will gain access to the latest software, and cutting-edge approaches.

Project Success

Quality Assurance Lab Scale Up & Relocation

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Large Scale HTST Automation

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Laboratory Conceptual Design for Asparagus Breeding

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Snack Packaging Expansion Project

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Compressed Air Upgrade Feasibility

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Vaccine Manufacturing Process Upgrades Project

We partnered with our client in the biotechnology industry to design, optimize, implement, and validate their existing biologic manufacturing process.

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Pet Food Fats and Oils Continuous Mixing System

An award-winning, independent pet food maker needed our help designing a custom system to create dog and cat food from fresh regional ingredients.

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Major Component Replacement Project

Cheme was engaged to design and commission equipment to support a Major Component Replacement (MCR) project at one of the largest electricity suppliers in Ontario.

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Beverage Quality Assurance Lab Project

Our client needed to relocate a high throughput beverage quality assurance laboratory to a high-rise building location without disrupting business continuity. Learn how Cheme helped.

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In Line Oil Winterization and Evaporation Production Suite Project

A pharmaceutical-grade botanicals oil producer approached Cheme to scale-up, design and optimize an existing multi-step extraction and winterization process.

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OSD Facility Expansion Project

A Canadian pharmaceutical client needed to expand manufacturing capabilities for oral solid dose production. Here’s how Cheme support our client’s execution of the manufacturing expansion.

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Sterile Compounding Optimization Project

Our client in the biotechnology industry required optimization of an antiquated sterile manufacturing process that is critical to vaccine formulation.

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About Our Market Experience

The biotechnology market utilizes living organisms and their derivatives in order to produce life saving healthcare products and therapeutics to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. This highly regulated market includes areas such as recombinant gene techniques, immunology, cell culture, tissue culture and diagnostic testing. We support the development and contribute to the advancement of vaccines, plasma derived therapies, antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies, gene sequencing, genome editing and more. Partner with our engineers to ensure that your biotech endeavor complies with rigorous regulatory requirements.
The pharmaceutical market involves the development and production of lifesaving drugs that are primarily made from chemicals or artificial sources typically referred to as small molecules or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Many of the drugs produced in the pharmaceutical market are obtained over the counter and include both generic and brand name products. These products are categorized as oral solid dose, liquid dose, ointments, creams, optics and ophthalmics. Work with our experts to design processes that safely and effectively meet strict pharmaceutical regulations while optimizing production output.
Botanicals and Natural Health Care Products
The botanicals and natural health care products sector is a growing new market that includes many products from oils to medicinal topicals and oral dosage products. Our experts can assist your company with understanding the codes and regulations in GMP facility design and production processes. Due to the constantly developing nature of this market, our engineers pay special attention to the latest trends, technologies, and developments related to your industry. Turn to our engineers to help ensure the success of your company’s most vital functions.
Science + Technology
In the science and technology market, we are focused on the design and development of laboratory spaces to support research, healthcare, commercial, and manufacturing industries. Laboratories in these sectors include wet chemistry, microbiology, and quality assurance labs. In these highly technical settings, we provide operational assessments and planning, capacity analysis, process development, utility design (waste, water, medical gases), instrumentation and controls as well as project management services. When accuracy is crucial, partner with our experts to guarantee your facility’s success.
Partner with Cheme to bring your Semiconductor lab or fab to life. The ultra pure environment and supporting utilities are our bread and butter. We will help you to design a suitable facility and lead the way to bringing it to life. Large or small, new or retrofit we will tackle them all.
Nuclear power generation sites are facing aging infrastructure and the need for refurbishment. The replacement of key reactor components is a major part of Life Extension Programs to secure long term operational plans. We are focused on providing services and solutions to help ensure peak safety, optimize operations and ease of maintenance. Turn to our seasoned engineers for specialized assistance at your high-risk facility.
Food & Beverage
The products in the food and beverage market often have unique characteristics that require specialised process engineering knowledge. Many products are highly temperature or sheer sensitive, and can require complex, customized processing techniques to achieve the correct taste, consistency, safety and quality. We pride ourselves in producing creative design solutions that can increase your production output, improve operational efficiency and meet standards of smart facilities for the future. Partner with us so that we can propose solutions that will increase the value of your business.
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