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Laboratory Conceptual Design for Asparagus Breeding

After our client came to us with the ambition to both preserve and commercialize frost-resistant asparagus strains. it became evident that they required a dedicated laboratory space to take full ownership of the genetic library originally developed at the university. Additionally, a substantial portion of the cultivated seeds needed to undergo further treatment and distribution at an external facility. While this external laboratory met the criteria for delivering uncontaminated products, there was a looming concern about its future capacity to support the treatment and distribution of asparagus seeds.

In response to these needs, Cheme extended its expertise in laboratory design, purified water systems, and controlled environments to facilitate the conceptual design and budgeting for the client’s new laboratory. After conducting a thorough assessment of the farm and meticulously charting their overall process, as well as considering the transfer timeline, we engaged in discussions about renovating one of their smaller rooms to create an immediate operational laboratory space.

Simultaneously, Cheme laid the groundwork for a comprehensive design that would be instrumental in constructing a future-proof laboratory facility. This envisioned facility encompassed a general laboratory space, a sterile transfer room, a dedicated grow room, and an environmentally controlled chamber. The site plan also incorporated utility systems situated in the utilities room and the mezzanine, ensuring seamless operations.

Importantly, the design allowed for future expansion, aligning with the client’s growth trajectory and providing adaptability to accommodate their evolving needs.

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Ontario, Canada

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Engineering Design




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