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What Is An Engineering Consultant And How Can They Help?

November 28, 2023


What is an engineering consultant and how can they help?

There’s often a misconception that professional services firms are too expensive for start-ups, or too small or limited to support established manufacturers. For those that have yet to partner with an engineering consultant, it can be unclear how an engineering consulting firm can support you, your project, or your business goals.  Engineering consultants can be a highly effective asset, but  for those who haven’t worked with them before, it can be challenging to understand when and how to engage an engineering firm and can at times lead to avoidable costs or inefficient workflow.

Since our founding, Cheme has served both large multi-national clients as well as local firms in the Greater Toronto Area. Our goal at the beginning of every project or partnership, is to listen to our clients to understand their needs. Then we can help identify where our expertise and services can provide the required support to ensure those needs are met. This could include providing technical expertise on the design, bolstering construction management in the field, or leading complex projects on our client’s behalf.

How an Engineering Consultant Can Support You 

Our Regional West Studio Head, Lauren Box, introduces the 3 most common ways engineering consulting firms can support your organization in this blog post written for ISPE Canada. These are:

  1. Technical expertise
  2. Staff Augmentation
  3. Project Management, Construction Management

Lauren also advises what to look out for when hiring consulting engineers, to ensure your needs and priorities are met, and ultimately build a successful partnership.

Read the full blog post at ISPE Canada. 

Lauren Box Headshot

Lauren Box

Lauren is the Regional West Studio Head with over 10 years of experience in single use technology, ultrafiltration systems, clean in place systems and clean utilities, and municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.

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Lauren Box Headshot

Lauren Box

Regional West Studio Head

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